[Department of Digital Humanities]

Willard McCarty

Professor Emeritus,
Department of Digital Humanities,
King's College London [X];
Adjunct Professor (2016-),
Western Sydney University [X]


Bern, 29 January 2014

  1. Current research interests
  2. I work on computing across the arts and humanities. For the last few years the primary focus of my research has been on how we reason with the digital machine. For help with this I look to several disciplines, especially history (of technology, the sciences and mathematics), philosophy, anthropology and the cognitive sciences), attempting as best I can to understand them from the inside. Hence my work raises questions of interdisciplinary research across the board, complementing my role as Editor of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. Recently, thanks to a developing workshop series at Cambridge, "Science in the Forest, Science in the Past" (see below), anthropology and cross-cultural enquiry as a whole have become central to my work. Not so recently, but continuing to the present moment, is Humanist, my "electronic seminar", part research forum, part information exchange. I stand behind my 2010 inaugural lecture, still pushing! See "Attending from and to the machine" [X], with slides [X].

  3. Other appointments & involvements present and past
  4. Honours and awards
  5. Doctoral supervision
  6. Publications and invited lectures

  7. The Analytical Onomasticon (no longer in development; see [X]).
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