[Department of Digital Humanities]

Willard McCarty

Professor Emeritus,
Department of Digital Humanities,
King's College London [X];


London 24 December 2022

  1. Current research interests
  2. I work on computing across the humanities, arts and human sciences. For the last few years I have devoted my research to the effects of the smart machine on language and thought, and to the potential of a relation with it attuned to its fundamentally anomalous nature. For help I look to the historical, anthropological, psychological and philosophical disciplines primarily while keeping an eye on the natural sciences. Seemingly far from my discipline of origin (English literature) I struggle to understand them from the inside. Hence my work raises questions of interdisciplinary research across the board, complementing my role as Editor-in-Chief of Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (Taylor & Francis). Recently, thanks to a developing workshop series at Cambridge, "Science in the Forest, Science in the Past" (see below), anthropology and cross-cultural enquiry as a whole have become central. Not so recently, but continuing to the present moment, is Humanist, my "electronic seminar", part research forum, part information exchange. I stand behind my 2010 inaugural lecture: see "Attending from and to the machine" [X], with slides [X].

  3. Other appointments & involvements present and past
  4. Honours and awards
  5. Doctoral supervision
  6. Publications and invited lectures

  7. The Analytical Onomasticon (no longer in development; see [X]).
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